Friday, April 30

Collecting Trifari Jewelry

I've been buying and selling Trifari Vintage Jewelry for several years now, and I've learned a lot about the company and its jewelry designs. I'd like to share with others who also have a passion for Trifari Vintage Jewelry, so I created this blog.

There are several reasons why I like dealing in Trifari Vintage Jewelry.

  1. The designs are really beautiful
  2. The workmanship is outstanding, especially the figurals
  3. There's such a variety - I'm always finding pieces I've never seen before
  4. Vintage Trifari Jewelry is always signed, so it's easy to identify and date
One thing I like about buying and selling Trifari Vintage Jewelry is that I get to wear and enjoy the pieces for a time, then pass them along to someone else who will love them as much as I do.

If you are new to collecting Vintage Jewelry, it can seem very overwhelming. I hope that the information I pass along in this blog will be helpful.

The first thing to know is that all Trifari Vintage Jewelry is signed. There may be a very rare case of an early (pre 1930's) unsigned Trifari, but that would be a very unusual exception to the rule. Trifari did run print ads to inform customers that "if it isn't signed, it isn't Trifari." Lesser companies did copy designs from the major jewelry makers, so it's not unusual to find a piece that looks like a Trifari design, but is not signed. It's not an "unsigned Trifari" - it's a lesser quality knockoff.

The next thing to know is that the signature helps to date the jewelry. I've written a guide to identify Trifari signatures on my web site. You can view the guide at this link: Trifari Jewelry Marks.

In future posts I'll give some historical background about the Trifari Company and discuss specific lines of Trifari Vintage Jewelry. I've got lots of photos to share, also, and I hope you will enjoy the many beautiful designs.

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